Brass in the interior in 2013

In the upcoming year 2013, it will be possible to see enough brass products in the interior design of the house. Brass is a design element that has always been interesting and beautiful, and which has so far received little attention.
2013 presents to our attention brass and reveals its true beauty.

Brass products can be found not only in the bathroom and in the kitchen, in the form of lamps, but also in the design and decor of various details and accents that can be added to any room in the house.

Brass products in the bathroom.

Let's start with the premises, which first comes to mind if it comes to brass. This room, of course, is a bathroom, here you can see beautiful brass lamps, taps for bathtubs or sinks.

And given the natural properties of the material, brass products will stand out regardless of the color and materials that will be used around them in the bathroom.

Brass products in the kitchen.

In the kitchen you can use the same concept and choose brass taps for the sink. But in addition, there are many other details and accents that can be included in the decor of the kitchen.

For example, you can choose very beautiful and chic bar stools or brass stools, a beautiful chandelier or a brass pendant lamp.

Brass products in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the use of brass products is somewhat more limited than in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can choose a brass bed. Even if metal is not the most popular choice when it comes to bedroom furniture, brass may be an exception.

Brass is an element that brings warmth and comfort to the room, and also provides stability and strength. The brass headboard frame and beautiful details can be a great choice for any bedroom.

Brass parts in lighting.

In addition to furniture, and faucets in the kitchen and in the bathroom, there is another element that can be made of brass – these are lamps.

Brass pendant lights and chandeliers are quite popular, and they deserve to be paid attention to the simplicity and inner beauty of brass products.

The coming year draws attention to brass products and allows them to demonstrate their true charm.

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