Classic Sunerge Towel Rails

Before buying any significant thing, we pay attention to several parameters: this is external  Sunerzh towel rails and other plumbing ...view, reputation of the manufacturer, a set of functions, quality and cost. These rules should also apply when choosing a water heated towel rail. Sunerzh company has long been pleasing consumers with high-quality products. All of its products on the market are carefully monitored and have high performance characteristics.

The products of this company meet all the requirements that consumers make today. They have a pleasant and aesthetic appearance, can work directly from a heating system or hot water supply and maintain a working temperature of about 105 degrees Celsius. It is especially worth noting the series of classic heated towel rails, since most people want to save money, while they want to purchase goods of high quality.

This series is designed for connoisseurs of traditional forms, reliability and practicality. They can be called economy class products, since their price is quite reasonable and each consumer can make this kind of purchase. All models of the budget series have classic simple forms, they resemble the inverted letters M or P. This design allows the manufacturer not to use welding – this indicates the high reliability of the dryers. Therefore, wanting to get a high-quality heated towel rail for little money, you can safely opt for the Classic series products.

Dryers are available in a wide range: they can have a different color, coating and shape. Each customer will find a model suitable for their bathroom. At the request of the consumer, the heated towel rail can be supplemented with shelves, hooks and other elements that increase functionality.

Also, these models can serve as a radiator in any other room, which makes them universal. A stylish design will organically fit a functional element into the interior, as a kind of decor item. The difference between classic dryers is the presence of an internal circuit, due to this they are superior to other models in terms of heat transfer, and also have more space for linen.

Sunerge towel warmers

Sunerzh’s products occupy a significant part of the market in our country, and this is due to the following facts:

  • For the manufacture of heated towel rails, only stainless steel is used (using a special polishing method, the surface is mirrored).
  • The quality of products is due to the guarantee of European pipes, they are used in production.
  • High-tech latest equipment ensures the creation of tight seams, as a result they are thin and very neat.
  • Tight control at the factory eliminates bad quality products from entering the market.

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