Cozy villa in Vastra, Sweden

We have already visited several beautiful houses around the world, and today I have chosen a cozy villa in the small village of Vastra in Sweden, and I invite you to join me. The villa was built in 2007, and attracted me with a very beautiful interior design.

The cozy villa is located on an area of ​​409.9811 square meters, with very comfortable, bright and spacious rooms.
Materials used for the construction and decoration of the highest quality home.

The cozy villa has six bedrooms and five bathrooms.
A beautiful spiral staircase attracts attention.

And it is simply impossible to go past the kitchen and living room, and it is also worth paying attention that low sofas are made of ordinary pallets.

In the living room there is a beautiful and very cozy fireplace, which can be used from two different sides.

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