Fairytale decor of a rural house

We all know fairy tales, and we love fairy-tale images from childhood. And such an example is this small cozy charming fabulous a cottage located on the large estate of La Huerta de San Jose, as if coming from a fairy tale. Houses from a fairy tale are most often a figment of the imagination, but not in this case.

Having crossed the threshold of the house, you can make sure that fabulous magic is still untouched. The living room with arched windows reminds everyone of the familiar Snow White and her seven dwarfs.

These are not just windows; they add a unique charm to the whole house, adding timeless charm and fabulous decor. A burning fireplace adds coziness and creates an attractive atmosphere. The living room space seems very clean and fresh despite neutral tones.

The pitched roof is one of the architectural details that make this fabulous the house is so attractive. The ceiling does not hide the lower part of the roof, painted the same color as the walls.

An interesting floor surface, white and green, but this is not a rug, as you might expect, this is another surprise of a fairy tale house, this is a tiled floor, magnificent handmade mosaics in emerald green tones in harmony with the roof.

Part of the furniture also matches the color of the walls, and this allows it to better merge with the space of the rooms to add more space.

The combination of beige and green can not be found very often, but in this fabulous house it looks very cute. The neutral-colored rug fits very well with the rest of the decor.

Whole interior fabulous the cottage is made with a similar decor. Everything here seems very harmonious, the atmosphere seems peaceful, quiet and relaxing.

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