Original furniture design

Let's take a break from typical furniture designs and expand our horizons a bit. There are many unique creations in furniture design, and although it is impossible to learn all about them, it is always fun and interesting to discover something new. Samples furniture designthat we have collected are not only beautiful and attractive, but also multifunctional

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Table Capstan

This amazing Capstan table is designed by David Fletcher. A round table with a simple and chic design hides a wonderful secret. The table can expand from small to very large, while maintaining its round design.

Furniture Design - Round Table 1 Furniture Design - Round Table 2 Furniture Design - Round Table

Staircase and storage space.

Ideal for small houses, it saves space and there is plenty of storage space. Three bottom drawers serve as a ladder, this project is made by Danny Kuo.

Furniture design - shelf ladder Furniture Design - Ladder Shelf 1

Evolutionary Door.

Evolution door created by artist Clemens Torggler. It has a simple, futuristic design and folds like origami.

Original door folding-evolution-door-klemens-torggler-2 folding-evolution-door-klemens-torggler-1

Multifunctional sofa – dining table.

When space is limited and there is not enough space for all pieces of furniture, this multifunctional sofa will come in handy. This sofa from Yulia Kononenko can be transformed into a dining table with ottomans, and is made in a simple and modern design.

Meiel design. Sofa table Furniture Design Sofa Table 1

All in one.

Another interesting item is a sofa, home office and bed. Designed by Fanny Adams, this multi-functional piece of furniture is ideal for small homes and helps you use your living room as your home office and bedroom.

Sofa bed-home office Sofa bed-home office 2 Sofa bed-home office 1

Canvas Furniture.

This collection is a brilliant creation, and is called canvas. It includes furniture that can be hung on the wall, while made of wood, aluminum and stretched elastic canvas.

Furniture design on canvas 1 Furniture design on canvas

A chair inside the chair.

This chair was designed by Flavio Scalzo and is a very intriguing piece of furniture. A chair with a modern and simple design that hides inside another chair of the same design.

Furniture design. Chair inside the chair

The table is a double sofa.

Bud table is designed in eco-style, and can easily be converted into a double sofa. The table is completely made of recycled walnut and has a simple and original design.

Furniture design table sofa Furniture design table sofa

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