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10MM BEAD GOOD LUCK BRACELET FOR WOMEN MEN: Pi Xiu also named Pi Yao, this Chinese dragon can bring good fortune and wealth money. Pi Xiu is deeply popular for Chinese, It can wash away the inner nervous, bring good luck and getting you back to your spiritually, emotionally, mentally and...

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I love my double Pixiu. These bracelets are beautiful. Not to heavy and not to light. My dominant hand is the left hand. So I do a lot with my left hand. I keep bumping it on the counter and dresser. I don’t want it to hurt so I pet it. I’m not crazy, but they say that you should feed your pixiu and touch it often to let it know you are the master. For it to work for you, feeding it gold, silver and jewels help it to bring in luck, wealth and protection. I share my double pixiu by giving them equal wears. Meaning, if one faces outward, the other one gets to face outward the next day. So far all is well. When I take it off, I leave it in the living room to protect the house. I hope it stays with me for a long long time.
Loved them! Let’s see how lucky they are
Loveee my fung shui bracelets.Love the detailed craftmanship.Fast shipping to boot. Highly rated all around. Thank you:-)

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